The Science Behind The Th17 Regimen

Following years of research dating back to 1977 at the Prince of Songkhla University and Chiang Mai University, Th17 Global Co. Ltd. has produced clinical papers that have demonstrated the efficacy of Th17 Capsules which are derived entirely from natural sources that have been used as food for generations. The focus of the research team has been on Unbalance Immunity, hence the references to Operation BIM. The products that are used (Th17 Capsules and Th Balance Mangosteen Juice) are referred to as the Th17 Regimen.

The research team has found that the Th17 Regimen modulates the functions of cells (lymphocytes) – a type of white blood cell – which are among the body's natural defence mechanisms against the growth of cancer cells.

Th17 Capsules are natural dietary supplements that contain the following ingredients:

The product is manufactured at the Northern Region Industrial Estate in Lamphun, in the north of Thailand, under GMP standards. The technology for producing the capsules is patented.
Studies on cancer care have shown that 9 Th17 Capsules (3 each at lunch, dinner, and bedtime) increase Th17 Cells (an important white blood cell, which fights cancer cells) by 500% and increases Th1 Cells (another white blood cell) by 200%.

Th17 Cells has been shown in published studies by Dr. Chen Dong, MD Anderson Cancer Research Center (Oct. 2009) and Dr. Carl June, the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania (Oct. 2010), to prevent the propagation of and kill cancer cells. Both researchers have discovered that Th17 Cells is an effective white blood cell that combats cancer. (read more)

The second component of the Th17 Regimen is Th Balance Juice, a 300 ml serving of which contains mangosteen aril (80%) and water (20%); it is most commonly consumed before breakfast. The juice represents a different mode of action for controlling cancer cells.

Th Balance Juice contains the standardized contents of the most active xanthone, GM1, which the Thai Mangosteen Research and Development Center identified in 1979.

The juice contains no mangosteen rind material, no residual pesticide, no liver toxic content of tannins, no added sugar, no artificial colour, and no preservatives. In short, it is a completely natural product

The importance of Th Balance Juice in the Th17 Regimen is that one sachet (300 ml) each day for 15 days significantly increases the T-regulatory (T-reg) cells.

(T-reg cells regulate Th17 Cells, so that Th17 Cells does not exceed a level which could lead to potentially harmful side effects.)

The increase in T-reg generated by the Th Balance Juice is beneficial for minimizing auto-immune symptoms in cancer patients, who also suffer from auto-immune diseases.

Th Balance Juice eliminates cancer cells through other modes of action, via the standardised contents of the following:
1.GM-1 (a xanthone), which kills cancer cells upon impact.
2.Alpha Hydroxy acid, which can trap free ions that promote the growth of cancer cells.
3.Hydroxycitric acid, which traps the enzyme used in the synthesis of the fat, which is a part of cancer cell wall linnings.
4. A higher percentage of Polysaccharides than other mangosteen juices on the market. This is important because polysaccharides have been shown to inhibit the spread of cancer cells.

The Th17 Regimen - natural cancer care is a 300 ml serving of Th Balance Juice before breakfast in the morning and 3 Th17 Capsules at each of lunch, dinner, and bedtime.

Studies conducted in Thailand, Italy, and the USA have demonstrated that pain levels have decreased and become more manageable; improved quality of life has been repeatedly demonstrated within one to two weeks of beginning the Th17 Regimen.


The key findings from independent testing at the Bio medical Technology Research Center are that nine Th17 Capsules a day for 15 days increase Th17 cells by 500% and Th1 cells by 200%. Both of these Th cells are white blood cells that increase the body's ability to fight cancer. Therefore, Th17 Capsules have the double action to fight cancer cells. (Th17 Cells by 500% and Th1 Cells by 200 %.)

The 500% increase of Th17 Cells from the Th17 Capsules is accompanied by a significant increase of T-reg (T-regulatory cells).T-reg cells are known for regulating Th17 Cells, so that Th17 Cells, does not exceed a level which could lead to potentially harmful side effects.

Th17 Capsules may be used concurrently with chemotherapy to increase white blood cell counts and blood platelets, thereby minimizing the severe side effects of chemotherapy.

PREVENTION is better than CURE

Taking 2-4 Th17 Capsules per day, which have proven to increase Th1 white blood cells and Th17 white blood cells, may be used as prevention for people who has a family history of developing cancer. (Higher Genetic risk)
1. Breast Cancer 3. Prostate Cancer 5. Cysts and Tumours
2. Ovarian Cancer 4. Colon Cancer 6. Other Cancers


These data point toward the efficacy of Th17 Capsules in improving, without harmful side effects, the quality of life of all stages of cancer patients - even stage 4 - who have not responded to chemotherapy treatments.

The combination of Th Balance Juice and Th17 Capsules offers two complementary modes of action in dealing with cancer cells.

1. From the direct action of standardized contents of the four active ingredients in the
Th Balance Juice.

A. GM-1
B. Alpha Hydroxy acid
C. Hydroxycitric acid
D. Polysaccharides
2. Directly from the increase of immune defence through the increased of Th1 and Th17 white blood cells.
  • The Scientists - Operation BIM
  • Professor Dr. Pichaet Wiriyachitra Ph.D.,F.R.A.C.I.
  • Associate Professor Dr. Ampai Panthong
  • Associate Professor Dr. Siriwang Ong-chai (Yaemniyom)
  • Associate Professor Dr. Souwalak Phongpaichit
  • Associate Professor Dr. Wilawan Mahabusarakam